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Omerta Los Angeles

Eau De Parfum Men’s Cologne

Eau De Parfum Men’s Cologne

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Men’s Cologne:

SKY: A fresh out the shower aquatic fragrance, built for men who live by their own rules. 

GOLF CLUB: A spicy woody and fresh fragrance perfect for the sharp. 

GENTLEMEN: A fresh clean floral aromatic fragrance designed for being irresistible. 

ACQUA: A fresh aquatic scent with notes of Bergamot and Citrus, will have the ladies breathing down your neck.

BLUE FOR MEN: A sweet, fresh, and oceanic scent perfect for the outdoorsy man. 

VICTOR: A charming, warm and musky scent perfect for a romantic setting.

HERO: A fresh woodsy Irish Spring scent, very clean and masculine you cannot go wrong. 

COOL: A powdery, woodsy scent with a hint of vanilla, this aromatic scent is definitely cool. 

100ml per bottle 

Case and Box Included

As Seen On Tik Tok


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